Myamyn Conservation Project

The Myamyn Conservation Project protects 198 hectares of critical habitat in Victoria’s south-west, utilizing funding from biodiversity and carbon crediting.

Location: Surrounded by the Annya State Forest, Glenelg Shire, Victoria. Located between Hamilton and Heywood in Victoria’s south west.
Area Protected: 198 Hectares
Management: Cassinia Environmental with partnerships

Nestled within Victoria’s Annya State forest and spanning 198 hectares, the Myamyn Project represents a significant conservation effort managed by Cassinia Environmental in partnership with South Pole, Greenfleet, and Trust for Nature. This site showcases a classic Australian bush landscape characterised by large Messmate trees and a notable freshwater wetland, crucial for the survival of multiple threatened species.

Conservation Significance
The Myamyn project hosts a rare and high quality wetland habitat, playing a critical role in preserving species endemic to the region. The area is a sanctuary for Australia’s largest owl, the threatened Powerful Owl and serves as a corridor for wildlife moving between Myamyn and the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site, Lake Condah.

The conservation area supports a diverse array of wildlife, including:

  • Long-nosed Potoroo (Endangered) (pictured)
  • Powerful Owl (Vulnerable)
  • Southern Toadlet (Vulnerable)
  • Curly Sedge (Vulnerable)
  • Southern Bent-wing Bat (Critically Endangered)
  • Diamond Firetail (Near Threatened)
  • Southern Brown Bandicoot (Near Threatened)

These species benefit from the site’s comprehensive habitat protection (protected under a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature) and conservation management plan.

Community and Conservation Efforts
Historically impacted by illegal clearing for plantation development, the site has undergone significant restoration, including the removal of invasive species and extensive reforestation efforts. Birdwatchers and conservation volunteers regularly engage in species monitoring, using trail cameras and on-site surveys to track and aid in the recovery of native wildlife populations. Ongoing pest control focuses on reducing the numbers of foxes and feral cats. Pest control is critical for maintaining the ecological balance and supporting native species.

Future Vision
Cassinia Environmental and its partners envision the Myamyn Conservation Project as a model for community-involved conservation efforts, blending ecological preservation with active community participation to create a sustainable and biodiverse environment.

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