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Pioneers in Landscape Restoration

Cassinia has been a leader in landscape restoration and biodiversity protection since 2004. We deliver projects which restore, reconnect and protect Australia’s natural systems; endeavouring to see all of Australia’s national parks reconnected through biodiversity-based revegetation projects. We also seek to incorporate conservation management into agricultural systems, creating landscapes which are both productive and ecologically resilient.

In the past 15 years we have delivered over 75 landscape-scale projects across four states, and in the process become Trust for Nature’s largest covenantor. This means that we have permanently protected almost 20,000 acres (8000 hectares) of our continent's unique environment - more than any other organisation in Victoria.

We exist to assist other businesses to develop projects which heal the planet, and collaboratively work to develop solutions in Carbon, Biodiversity Protection and Sustainable Agriculture.

Cassinia Environmental


We work with a range of partners to deliver quality biodiversity protection and restoration projects.


We manage and deliver complex landscape-scale projects with meaningful carbon and conservation outcomes.

Sustainable Agriculture

We incorporate conservation strategies into agricultural system design to create environmentally sustainable outcomes.


Forging meaningful partnerships is a core element of our collaborative business approach.

Cassinia News

Mt Sandy - EcoAustralia comes to South Australia

Check out our latest EcoAustralia project, in partnership with Raukkan Community Council and South Pole Australia.

New Biodiversity at Birchip!

Watch our feathered and furry friends gathering around the new local watering hole.

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Korong Ridge: -36.452414, 143.763651
Abbott: -36.413545, 143.780282
Baynton: -37.157786, 144.666610
Benloch: -37.214901, 144.708496
Birchip: -35.760836, 142.826716
Budgerum: -35.775999, 143.578960
Cape Otway: -38.817758, 143.507486
Carapooee: -36.721117, 143.269859
Cobungra: -37.080154, 147.457385
Glenaroua: -37.123419, 144.993991
Glenmore: -37.703756, 144.335177
Kara Kara: -36.774841, 143.205943
Kelly: -36.378170, 143.780803
Lavers Hill: -38.671053, 143.373642
Locksley: -36.805737, 145.334959
Macedon: -37.422355, 144.539341
Mt Sandy: -35.728421, 139.308543
Myamyn: -38.003112, 141.647077
Myers Flat: -36.712265, 144.173058
Nagambie: -36.670932, 145.162757
Niemur: -35.242488, 143.985472
Ninyeunook: -35.953657, 143.423878
Ploughshare: -36.350907, 143.557684
Sunday Morning Hills: -36.504933, 143.679514
Sievers (Watchbox Valley): -37.079175, 144.544990
Woodside: -38.504814, 146.900082
Implexa Block: -36.466399, 143.725678
Wehla: -36.557126, 143.636756
Yanac: -36.049441, 141.480151
Epping Forest: -41.716778, 147.268778
Reg Pearson: -36.302886, 143.664270
Avoca: -34.065815, 147.072974

Our Team

Paul Dettmann

Paul Dettmann

CEO & Founder

Paul has extensive experience in landscape management, agriculture, and project management. He is a 6th generation farmer with a Master of Environmental Science from the University of Melbourne and has been instrumental in a range of high-profile environmental projects, including the first CDM-accredited forestry project in Africa. With over two decades of experience, Paul has cultivated strong networks across several environmental industries.

Nathan Website1

Nathan Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Nathan has 15 years’ experience across water, agribusiness, waste and environmental sectors. Previously, Nathan worked as a consultant for Deloitte Access Economics for nine years as well as water industry associations and a social enterprise delivering resource recovery services. He holds a post grad qualification in environment at the University of Melbourne and bachelor’s degrees in environmental policy and urban planning at RMIT.


Anna Radkovic

International Projects

Anna has a passion for working with nature and developing strong relationships with people. Holding a Master of Environment and Sustainability, specialising in International Development, she coordinates our newly-formed international projects branch. Anna grew up in Kenya and hopes to one day return to East Africa to bring her sustainability expertise to new projects.


Ray DeMack

General Operations Manager

Ray has been an integral part of the Cassinia team since 2013, and brings both agricultural and land management expertise to his role. Ray's ability to handle just about any problem on the land (never giving up until the problem is resolved), his practical skills in fencing, pest and weed control, as well as an incredible attention to detail are great assets to our work.


Mary Wildemast

Office Manager

From a background with the University of Melbourne in Events Management and Administration, Mary organises the office, events, and accounts at Cassinia, offering a very welcome and essential contribution to our team.

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David Reside

Revegetation Coordinator

David joined the team in 2019 to facilitate the development of new projects and Cassinia's strategic vision. He has a Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Development.

Laura 1

Laura Barsdell

Landscape Operations Coordinator

Laura brings 2 years experience in natural resource management within the wider Melbourne region. She has a Bachelor of Environmental Science, specialising in management and sustainability. Laura grew up in rural Victoria and has developed a passion for plants and the environment through her macro photography. 

Josie Photo1

Josephine Rutledge

Project Manager

Josephine joined the Cassinia team in 2020 as a Project Manager. Prior to her current work in agricultural administration and project management, Josephine worked for the Victorian Farmers Federation and Murray Irrigation. Josephine holds a Masters of Applied Agricultural Science.
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Kim Cornford

Landscape Operations Manager

Kim brings to Cassinia experience as a field consultant and project manager in native grassland revegetation and restoration. She has a Bachelor in Economics (Hons), Diploma in Conservation & Land Management, Diploma in Sustainability, experience in community development & education, small business administration and management. She coordinates our land management team, delivering quality on-ground work across our projects. Kim is passionate about connecting people with land and environment, and highly recommends a spring day with the wildflowers in Kooyoora SP.    

Charles Website

Charles Williamson

Livestock Partner

Charles joined the team in 2019 as a livestock partner, managing sustainable agriculture on our Sievers Lane property. He has acquired considerable natural resource management experience as a mining engineer in Queensland. His passion for environmental stewardship has brought him back to Victoria, where he enjoys bringing a sophisticated and analytical approach to farm management.

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

NSW Project Manager

Greg has been involved in various aspects of environmental management for about forty years, working both as a private consultant and under contract to several NSW government departments. Along with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage), he has undertaken postgraduate studies in Science Communication and Environmental Management. Greg has a special interest in private land conservation. 


Chris Lunardi

Landscape Operations Coordinator

Chris officially joined Cassinia in 2020 after managing the Sheoak Hill Glenmore project since 2017. Chris brings more than 5 years of natural resource management experience to the team. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Nature Tourism) degree and 15 years environmental education experience. He is an avid birdwatcher and founding president of the Eynesbury Environment Group.

Ben website

Ben McKenzie

Agriculture Project Officer

Ben joined the team in 2021 as an Agriculture Project Officer to assist the development and direction of Cassinia's agricultural projects. He has a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Melbourne majoring in plant and soil science. Ben's passion for agriculture grew during his experience working on educational farms and implementing international agriculture projects.

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