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Naturally reconnecting land, biodiversity and people

Pioneers in Landscape Restoration

Cassinia has been a leader in landscape restoration and biodiversity protection since 2004. We deliver projects which restore, reconnect and protect Australia’s natural systems. We seek to see all of Australia’s national parks reconnected through biodiversity-based revegetation projects, and seek to incorporate conservation management into agricultural systems that make landscapes both productive and ecologically resilient.

In the past 15 years we have delivered over 75 landscape-scale projects across four states, and in the process become Trust for Nature’s largest covenantor - that means we have permanently protected for nature almost 20,000 acres (8000 hectares) of Victoria - more than any other organisation.

We exist to help other businesses develop projects which can heal the planet, and we work to develop solutions in Carbon, Biodiversity Protection and Sustainable Agriculture.

Cassinia Environmental


We work with a range of partners to deliver quality biodiversity protection and restoration projects.


We work closely with permit holders on large complex projects to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Sustainable Agriculture

We incorporate conservation strategies into agricultural system design to create environmentally sustainable outcomes.


Forging meaningful partnerships is a core element of our collaborative business approach.

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Korong Ridge: -36.452414, 143.763651
Abbott: -36.413545, 143.780282
Baynton: -37.157786, 144.666610
Benloch: -37.214901, 144.708496
Birchip: -35.760836, 142.826716
Budgerum: -35.775999, 143.578960
Cape Otway: -38.817758, 143.507486
Carapooee: -36.721117, 143.269859
Cobungra: -37.080154, 147.457385
Glenaroua: -37.123419, 144.993991
Glenmore: -37.703756, 144.335177
Kara Kara: -36.774841, 143.205943
Kelly: -36.378170, 143.780803
Lavers Hill: -38.671053, 143.373642
Locksley: -36.805737, 145.334959
Macedon: -37.422355, 144.539341
Mt Sandy: -35.728421, 139.308543
Myamyn: -38.003112, 141.647077
Myers Flat: -36.712265, 144.173058
Nagambie: -36.670932, 145.162757
Niemur: -35.242488, 143.985472
Ninyeunook: -35.953657, 143.423878
Ploughshare: -36.350907, 143.557684
Sunday Morning Hills: -36.504933, 143.679514
Sievers (Watchbox Valley): -37.079175, 144.544990
Woodside: -38.504814, 146.900082
Implexa Block: -36.466399, 143.725678
Wehla: -36.557126, 143.636756
Yanac: -36.049441, 141.480151

Our Team


Paul Dettmann

Founder and Director​

Paul brings leadership and consultation experience in natural resource management, both in Australia and overseas (primarily East Africa). He draws on generations of interaction with the rural Australian landscape as well as a Masters in Environmental Science from Melbourne University. He has worked in both the voluntary and compliance markets for carbon and biodiversity, and has been instrumental in the development and registration of Africa’s first large-scale CDM land use projects through his work with World Vision.


Anna Radkovic

Landscape Operations Manager

Anna loves working with nature and with people. Holding a Masters in Environmental Science she provides professional oversight to our projects and to our landcare teams. Growing up in Kenya, she hopes one day to spend a few years living in the Serengeti National Park. Until then she manages the implementation of Cassinia's environmental plans throughout the landscapes in which we work.


Ray DeMack

General Operations Manager

Ray has been an integral part of the Cassinia team since 2013, and brings both agricultural and land management expertise to his role. Ray's ability to handle just about any problem on the land (never giving up until the problem is resolved); his practical skills in fencing, pest and weed control, as well as an incredible attention to detail are great assets to our work.


Mary Wildermast

Office Manager

From a background with Melbourne University in events management and administration, Mary organises the office, events, and accounts at Cassinia offering a very welcome and essential contribution to our team.

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