Naturally reconnecting land, biodiversity and people

Cassinia Environmental is a land management company with proven results in wilderness protection, ecological restoration, regenerative agriculture and social investment.

As biodiversity focused innovators we combine commitment to new approaches, respect for the natural world and 15,000 hectares of hands-on land management. 

As the largest private land covenanter in Victoria we welcome traditional owner, community, and corporate collaboration, and support groundbreaking research and development with the goal of 30% of all land protected and managed in balance with nature by 2030.

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BushBank Program- Restoring Private Land

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Revegetation and Restoration projects

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Natural Agriculture

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A new platform that provides the simplest way to protect Australian ecosystems through the purchase of Biological Diversity Units (BDUs). Each geotagged unit represents 1sqm of protected land delivering biodiversity outcomes for Australian flora and fauna species and costs as little as the price of a coffee.

Our Mission

To facilitate the ongoing care of nature and people through landscape-scale protection, restoration and reconnection.



Natural ecosystems are valued and protected, where native flora and fauna have an opportunity to flourish in a landscape where 30% of land is reserved for conservation.



Degraded landscapes are restored through revegetation, pest and weed management, erosion control and waterway revitalisation to create biodiverse and healthy ecosystems.



Remnant vegetation throughout the landscape is reconnected, providing improved genetic diversity and species resilience in isolated areas and re-establishing wildlife corridors.

Mt Sandy: A project of environmental and community significance

This short movie was commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales and the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Our Mt Sandy project demonstrates the power of partnerships, bringing together land management expertise and the aspirations of Traditional Owners, to have a profound impact on the environment and in-community.

You can support this biodiversity project by contacting us or our partners at South Pole.

Our Projects

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Lavers Hill
Otway Ranges, VIC
Mitchell Shire, VIC
Mt Sandy
Coorong, SA
Bulga Mountain, NSW

A unique gift!

Handcrafted gift cards available in the Cassinia online shop

Lino-printed cards inspired by bird on Cassinia properties. Printed on recycled card and designed on recycled paper from the forest floor. Available individually or in bulk.