Cassinia Environmental realised that the protection and rehabilitation of the environment, although critical, is only half of the equation to ensure we create a healthy planet.  It is just as important to identify and be part of the solution for social issues which is being achieved by Cassinia Community through the following projects.

Learning for Life
There has been a global focus on increasing the completion rates of primary and secondary education in developing countries which has been relatively successful. This is essential work, however it doesn’t necessarily help raise the level of tertiary students and qualified professionals. Learning For Life is focussed on creating an affordable student loan system that is paid back upon earning a living wage that will allow eligible students to enter tertiary education. It is envisaged this will involve a combination of local education institutions, government and industry support to provide a quality education, work experience during the course and career prospects in-country. This will allow graduates to remain close to their home and attract industry and innovation with a pool of qualified talent.

Social Foundry – Lifeskills
Cassinia Community has a long-standing support role for Social Foundry and is assisting the development of a program to provide life skills including Financial Literacy, Conflict Management, Resume Development and understanding Personality Types.

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Sustainable Development Credits
The Sustainable Development Credit project is investigating ways that certain goals might be unitised to provide both transparency and optimise use of resources that can be directed towards tackling the root causes of specific issues. There are numerous sectors where this is potentially applicable including Modern Slavery, health care, and climate change.

A Place Called Home
Australia is experiencing an increasing problem with a lack of affordable accommodation. This has spread through the metropolitan and regional areas leaving families and individuals homeless. A Place Called Home is focussed on options to alleviate this by identifying ways to provide accommodation options or partner with groups working in the sector to boost their capacity. The project focusses on regional areas where there is a particularly acute shortage of properties.

The Human Dignity Project
Everyone deserves to live with dignity, for some people this is stripped away when they are forced to flee to camps and eventually to foreign countries. The Human Dignity Project, working with other agencies, facilitates community mentorship groups to welcome, support and help integrate families and individuals into Australian communities, providing a welcoming restoring their dignity. The Human Dignity Project is also active with other organisations lobbying the government to increase caps restricting the annual intake of people caught in these situations.