Korong Ridge Conservation Estate

Korong Ridge Conservation Estate, where a community of landowners collaborate to manage and preserve 835 hectares of vital habitat, a pioneering approach to ecological stewardship.

Location: Near Mount Korong, Loddon Shire, Victoria. East of Wedderburn in Central Victoria
Area Protected: 835 Hectares
Management: Cassinia Environmental and Private Land Owners

Korong Ridge Conservation Estate represents a unique and significant conservation effort in Victoria, safeguarding 835 hectares of diverse ecosystem previously utilised for grazing and cropping. Acquired by Cassinia Environmental in 2008, the estate is strategically located on the western and northeastern sides of Mount Korong, effectively doubling the district’s conservation area. This transformation highlights Cassinia’s commitment to both preserving remnant vegetation and restoring previously cleared lands.

Private Land Owners who have bought part of the Conservation Estate have continued on the formational work. Owners have formed an organised conservation community, working together to respond to land management needs of the properties.

Conservation Significance
Nestled amidst granitic formations and herb-rich woodlands, Korong Ridge’s varied elevation provides a unique refuge for indigenous flora and fauna. The area is particularly noted for the Robust Greenhood Orchid (Pterostylis valida), which was rediscovered in the area in 2009 after not being seen since 1941.


These species benefit from the estate’s protective measures and habitat restoration efforts..

  • Spiny Mint Bush
  • Robust Greenhood Orchid (Critically Endangered)
  • Diamond Firetails (Vulnerable)
  • Hooded Robin (Threatened)
  • White-browed Babblers (Population Decreasing)
  • Painted Honeyeater (Threatened)
  • Brown Treecreeper (Threatened)

Conservation Efforts
Active management plans are in place to control invasive species and predator populations, including rabbits, foxes, and deer. Specific invasive flora like Patterson’s Curse is managed with integrated methods tailored to its impact.

Cultural Heritage
Korong Ridge is not only a conservation area but also a site of profound cultural significance to the Dja Dja Wurrung people. It features rock wells used historically for water and hygiene, wallaby entrapments, and is near locations of scarred trees, a white ochre mine, and birthing rocks. This rich Indigenous history is integrated into the conservation strategy, ensuring the protection and respect of these cultural assets.

Future Vision
Cassinia Environmental aims for the Korong Ridge Conservation Estate to serve as a model for future conservation projects that harmonise ecological preservation with cultural heritage respect. This approach is intended to foster broader ecological recovery and cultural recognition across Australia.

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