picture of a paddock being prepared for revegetation

Land Projects

Cassinia owns and manages many properties around Australia, each one being unique and requiring its own management plan which may include native revegetation, pest control/management, environmentally minded fencing or erosion control among other things. Each time the goal of property management is to ensure the long term protection and restoration of the native habitat and ecological communities. In addition to this a conservation covenant is placed on the land to legally protect it in perpetuity.  

As much as we love our properties we also believe others should have the chance to enjoy these special places. Once we have completed a majority of landscape works we may choose to pass on the ongoing stewardship . If you have dreamed of owning your own special slice of our Australian landscape email us at info@cassinia.com for information on which of our properties are for sale.

Lavers Hill

Otway Ranges, VIC


Mitchell Shire, VIC

Mt Sandy

Coorong, SA

Korong Ridge

Mt Korong, VIC


Bulga Mountain, NSW


Glenelg Shire, VIC

Dusky Woodswallow

Riverina, NSW

The Dusky Woodswallow Conservation Reserve has been created to conserve woodland birds and restore the landscape’s biodiversity within the Riverina region of NSW. The four and a half thousand acre reserve has nine separate titles and provides an opportunity for an exclusive group of nature lovers and bird watchers to take part in the project.