About Us

Pioneers in Landscape Restoration

Cassinia has been a leader in landscape restoration and biodiversity protection since 2004. We deliver projects which restore, reconnect and protect Australia’s natural systems; endeavouring to see all of Australia’s national parks reconnected through biodiversity-based revegetation projects. We also seek to incorporate conservation management into agricultural systems, creating landscapes which are both productive and ecologically resilient.

In the past 18 years we have delivered over 105 landscape-scale projects across four states, and in the process become Trust for Nature’s largest covenantor. This means that we have permanently protected almost 30,000 acres (12,000 hectares) of our continent’s unique environment – more than any other organisation in Victoria.

We exist to assist other businesses to develop projects which heal the planet, and collaboratively work to develop solutions in carbon, biodiversity protection and sustainable agriculture.

Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is for healthy, connected and productive landscapes where people and nature flourish. 

Our purpose:

  • To protect and manage 30% of landscapes for nature
  • To restore degraded landscapes
  • To reconnect remnant vegetation throughout the landscape
  • To establish sustainable agricultural systems
  • To reconnect people to natural landscapes

Our Team


Paul Dettmann


Nathan Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Kirrily McKay

Finance Manager

Chris Lunardi

Revegetation Manager

Katie Mawson

Executive Assistant

Mary Wildemast

People & Culture Manager

Chris Lindorff

Projects Manager- BushBank

Kim Cornford

Landscape Operations Manager


Josephine Rutledge

Project Manager

Greg Stone
Greg Stone

NSW Project Manager

Ab Yamani

Native Seed Coordinator

Julia Jardine

Planning and Land Administration Manager

Stefan van boxtel

Communications Coordinator

Nick Lewis

Environmental Markets

Pat Byrne

NatureLab (R&D Coordinator)

Josh Smith

aTree Coordinator

Sarah LePage

North American Partnerships


Laura Henderson

Landscape Operations Coordinator

Greg Stone
Peter Holmes

Landscape Operations Coordinator

Adeline Chew

Monitoring & Data

Leigh Thorne

Kilongbutta Property Manager

Ray De Mack

Farm Manager

Rick Melhuish


Knox Dettmann


Ben Thorne


Greg Harris

Moolagundi Property Manager

Who we work with